The Double J Record x4

Jerry and Julie are planning on attempting something never before done in the state of Colorado.  They will be setting not one, not two, not three, but FOUR world records for crossing the state of Colorado in one summer.  Yes, it’s true.  Never ones to settle for the easy way out, these two will be challenging themselves to race across Colorado in four directions solidifying a record in each crossing.  All while raising funds for Race to Read a nonprofit sponsored by the Bandimere Speedway Family of Colorado as well as Project ReCycle.  These charities twang  the double J heart strings in that both organizations deal with improving the lives and the futures of children across the state.  The challenge looks like this:
  • May 31, 2018 – starting from Raton Pass at the Colorado/New Mexico border, the Double J’s will ride south to north across Colorado ending north of Ft. Collins at the Colorado/Wyoming border – 320 miles.
  • July 23, 2018 – starting in Holly at the Colorado/Kansas border, the Double J’s will ride east to west across Colorado ending just West of Grand Junction at the Colorado/Utah border – 640 miles.
  • August 20, 2018 – starting from north of Ft. Collins, the Double J’s double back to Raton Pass for a north to south crossing – 320 miles.
  • September 6, 2018 – starting west of Grand Junction, the Double J’s double back to Kansas for a west to east crossing – 640 miles
All of these records will be fully crewed, officiated and recorded by the World Ultramarathon Cycling Association (WUCA).  One hundred percent documented, signed, sealed, and delivered for a World Record Standing. That’s a whole lot of pedaling, folks!