Andy and Kami White

Andy & Kami White

Andy and Kami have ridden on tandem for the past 24 years. Living in both Boulder CO and Tucson, AZ, these hubs for elite cyclist training have rubbed off. For the last 5 years they have gravitated toward the most challenging courses. Where ever they could find extreme climbing and endurance races, they took that challenge. They find endurance riding suits the tandem well; leveraging teamwork to overcome the mental challenges these rides offer. Among many tandem course records they hold, in 2013 they became the first tandem to complete the Colorado Triple Crown, the toughest series of double centuries in the country, setting three tandem course records in the process. A typical year for the team includes traveling around the west to ultra-distance events like Tour de Park City, Cochise Classic, Lotoja or the HooDoo 500 stage race. Andy & Kami bring to the team perseverance and mental tenacity to endure the toughest stages.

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